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Retail solution

Solution Description

A comprehensive retail automation Done Retail system includes tools for work automation of both the company's headquarters and points of sale. The solution is developed on the basis of the complex enterprise management system Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the system Microsoft Dynamics POS

The Done Retail solution is a turnkey comprehensive and replicable solution for accounting automation and planning in retail, based on the best practices of large retail chains, industry leaders. 

The Done Retail solution provides support for key retail processes such as purchasing, customs clearance and cost allocation, merchandise sales and related manufacturing. Allows you to manage warehouses and track logistics processes, generate analytical reports.

Done Retail can be used to manage a single store or a retail chain.

The Done Retail solution is fully integrated with standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV functionality, which allows for the future use of the solution for managing a diversified enterprise.

The solution is intended for sales automation in a wide range of retail outlets:

  • supermarkets
  • fashion stores
  • pharmacies
  • furniture stores
  • hardware stores
  • rental
  • cafeterias (as well as restaurant automation )
  • entertainment (as well as hospitality automation )
  • trade in electronic components (sold by serial number)

The Done Retail solution includes the following modules:

  • POS Module (MS Dynamics POS 2009)
  • Headquarters Module (MS Dynamics NAV 5.0)
  • Replicator (Add-On for Data Exchange)

Functionality of Done Retail Solution

  1. Operational control of financial flows.
  2. Supplier Relationship Management:
    • Payment planning: deferrals, schedules, prepayments
    • Registration of contractual obligations with suppliers: permitted assortment and prices, supplier discounts, delivery terms, payment terms, determination of main and alternative suppliers
    • Electronic document flow
  3. Centralized assortment management:
    • Creation of assortment matrices
    • Control over the observance of prices and assortment of supplies
    • Order approval
    • Centralized Orders
  4. Centralized management of sales and discount systems:
    • Centralized pricing
    • Possibility of assigning retail prices: a single price for all stores, for each store individually, the price for a group of goods, prices for different units of measurement, a price for each product variant, an indication of the price validity period, for each customer or group of customers 
    • POS Promotions Schedule
    • Customizable discount system
    • Discount system
    • Creation of a club discount system
  5. Production management:
    • Raw material procurement planning
    • Applications for the issuance of raw materials for production, depending on the production plan
    • Calculation of the cost of production, taking into account the coefficients of waste at all stages of production
    • Replacing components temporarily out of stock
  6. Data replication:
    • Ability to centralized and decentralized data replication
    • Replication allows you to exchange information with remote retail outlets through:
      Data exchange directories
      TCP protocol

    At the same time, it is possible to set up automatic data exchange.

  7. Barcoding:
    • ІDone Retail has a built-in system for checking and generating barcodes. Each product can have multiple barcodes. The Done Retail solution generates the SKU and uses the barcode printed on the packaging. The retail solution uses measurements to track seasonality, collection, model and product variants.
    • ІSolution supports work with barcode scanners, labels are printed through special printers. Done Retail allows you to print a barcode for any quantity of goods other than the inventory, which in turn allows you to sell goods in packages of any configuration.
  8. Integration with retail equipment:
    • Support for any OPOS-compatible equipment:
      Fiscal recorders,
      Label printer,
      Customer display,
      Cash drawer,
      Barcode scanner,
      Data collection terminals,
      Commercial scales.
  9. Possible off-line cash desk work with subsequent automatic data synchronization

Scheme of work Done Retail :

Done Retail robot scheme

Benefits of using the solution

Done Retail allows:

  • predict sales, which, in turn, is a key indicator for timely management response and prompt response to changing market conditions and customer loyalty;
  • to raise the manageability of geographically distributed business to a qualitatively new level;
  • reduce typical costs (theft, re-grading, etc.) through the use of personnel control systems;
  • effectively manage a diversified business (or several types of trading business at the same time);
  • manage your own production and production orders;
  • increase customer satisfaction by optimizing assortment, pricing and implementing effective loyalty programs;
  • reduce costs by reducing inventory;
  • to support the high pace of development of the enterprise.

Short implementation times and Done Retail project cost contribute to a quick return on investment and get the effect of implementation.

Done Retail Solution Features:

  • Complete retail solution - one system for a growing trading company, chain of stores.
  • Supports any OPOS compatible hardware
  • Full integration with office applications
  • The solution integrates with video surveillance systems
  • The solution integrates with a sales forecasting system
  • The solution has the optional ability to connect to the system of data collection terminals (for mobile commerce, inventory, use in a warehouse, product labeling, etc.) in the online mode
  • Multicurrency
  • The system is easily scalable: simple installation for opening a new outlet
  • Data synchronization between headquarters and stores
  • Administer and update the system from the central office
  • Touch Screen Support
  • Working with barcodes
  • Support for currency rates (cross rates)
  • Working with credit cards (VISA, MASTER CARD, American Express)
  • The ability to use several types of payments and currencies in one operation (for example: the purchase price is 150 UAH. The buyer has the opportunity to pay for the purchase by combining at his discretion at the same time: 1. Cash 2. Credit card 3. Gift certificate)
  • Ability to create different interfaces for each user

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