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Complex localization

Comprehensive localization for Microsoft Dynamics NAV offered by "Done" (Dunn), allows you to fully adapt the product in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation. The use of this localization makes it possible to reduce the time for bringing operational accounting down to one day, as well as to simplify the automation of accounting and tax accounting, reporting , and to make the formation of external reports more transparent. This solution enables operational tax planning. Full integration with the electronic reporting system of tax and other government agencies allows you to submit reports with the click of a button.

Areas of industrial automation:

Accounting for cash transactions:

  • Accounting for cash receipts print PKO
  • Accounting for cash flow print cash settlement
  • Create and print a cash book
  • Control of cash discipline
  • Integration with the payroll card system

Banking operations:

  • Accounting and printing of payment orders
  • Automatic upload of payment orders to the client-bank
  • Automatic creation of payments (depending on the priority and the balance of the DC)
  • Integration with client-bank (import of bank statement)
  • Supplier Payment Planning System
  • Control of the movement of cashless DCs

Accounting for transactions in foreign currency:

  • Accounting for foreign currency overdrafts and loans (repayment calculation)
  • Automatic accounting and correction of exchange rate differences
  • Accounting for buying / selling currency (accounting for commissions and exchange rate differences)
  • Calculating the book value of the currency for tax accounting

Accounting for settlements with buyers and suppliers:

  • Accounting for advance payments (possibility of keeping records through accounts of advance accounts)
  • Accounting for contracts
  • Accounting / statement control of powers of attorney
  • Accounting for complex discounts (%, amount, customer / product, etc.)
  • CCD accounting (full calculation, printing of preliminary declaration, unloading in electronic format)
  • Accounting for other purchase costs

Accounting for settlements with accountable persons:

  • Accounting and printing of advance reports (both in hryvnia and in foreign currency, taking into account the current norms)
  • Printing travel certificates
  • Delivery control by own drivers

Inventory accounting:

  • Various methods for estimating ending stocks (inventory write-offs)
  • Ability to keep track of lots and serial numbers
  • Formation of inventory list
  • Detailed analysis of the cost structure of both warehouse and sales

Fixed asset accounting:

  • Accounting for the commissioning of fixed assets, indicating the various characteristics of the OS
  • Various methods (accounting, tax) of depreciation on fixed assets
  • Formation of a statement of depreciation
  • Increase, decrease in the value of fixed assets
  • Fixed asset retirement accounting
  • Accounting for periodic maintenance of fixed assets + budget control
  • Tax accounting of fixed assets (book value of groups, tax depreciation)

Operational reporting package:

  • Reports on income, by customers, goods or services
  • Reports by cost structure
  • Report on liquidity and profitability by line of business, structural divisions, etc.
  • Other summary analytical reports

Formation of regulatory stat. reporting:

  • Form 1 (balance sheet)
  • Form 2 (statement of financial results)
  • Form 3 (statement of cash flows)
  • Form 4 (statement of equity)
  • Other forms of statistical reporting

Tax accounting:

  • Automatic calculation of the first event
  • Formation and printing of a tax invoice and its attachment
  • Formation of the register of tax invoices
  • Analysis of lost invoices, dunning system
  • Formation of VAT declaration
  • Formation of tax registers by gross income and costs
  • Formation of a profit declaration (accounting for permanent and temporary tax differences)

Integration with the electronic reporting system:

  • Formation of documents in the format required for delivery
  • Cameral control
  • Signing and sending documents to the relevant state authorities

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