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Solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV system

The company offers a range of vertical and horizontal solutions based on the MS Dynamics NAV product.

The use of ready-made solutions significantly reduces the time of project implementation by reducing the analysis time, and also allows you to get an already configured integral product for solving specific business problems. To develop turnkey vertical solutions ( integrated control systems ), Done drew on the experience of leading companies in their respective industries.

Control systems (horizontal solutions) offered by the company:

Control systems (vertical solutions) offered by the company:

  • Automation for car dealers and auto parts distribution
  • Automation of transport and logistics
  • Retail Automation
  • Automation of wholesale trade and distribution
  • Automation of agricultural enterprises, elevators
  • Automation of the food industry (including the management of the dairy and processing industry)

These management information technologies are actively used by companies, our customers.

All these solutions work on the latest version of the MS Dynamics NAV system, which allows you to use all the advantages of the basic functionality of the system.

Done is constantly supporting and expanding its solutions. Clients receive these updates free of charge, subject to subscription to updates. This allows companies and clients to use the always up-to-date functionality and advanced technologies on the market.


Consulting company, the main activities of which are the provision of services for the implementation of ERP systems (enterprise management systems) and outsourcing of services to support corporate information systems


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