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Our experts have experience in solving specific problems leading companies in various industries. This experience enables the team to find and propose the most appropriate solutions to problems that we face puts client .

But do not just solve a specific problem , and to assess the risks and determine the optimal sequence of actions . Administrative and organizational steps to solve a problem quickly and guarantee the customers with quality results!


When the optimization and automation completely unrelated to this process with the right approach gives synergy processes and increase productivity significantly.



ООО «Данн»

04116 г. Киев, ул. Старокиевская 10Г, корпус «В», оф.211
Тел. (044) 223-12-35,
Факс. (044) 236-80-46



Компания НПП Кластер, г. Днепропетровск совместно с компанией "ДАНН" объявила о начале проекта по внедрению программного комплекса на базе системы HansaWorld Enterprise.

Рассрочка на ERP и CRM системы HansaWorld сроком на 2 года, без дополнительных переплат.

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